The World of Ember


Ember is a place where magic and technology are one. There are five Continents in all. The main continent to the North is called Altera. To the West is Elis’dar, to the East is Yensi, and to the South is Demor. The fifth is Novos, which floats high in the sky always moving.

Altera is split into three countries. The Wilds to the south, where the elven country lies. Beyond the dragon mountains is the country of Kara. The main country of Corinth is on the western shore. In the center of the continent is where the Crystal Spire stands. It is said that the Dragon Emperor, Dago, roosts there.

Elis’dar is west of Altera, across the great sea. Elis’dar is a large continent it has two major countries in it. There’s Corvistine, which is a magic-tech super power. Then, there is the elven country of Vmilan Nelvwes, where all elven kind comes from. There is also one small country, still in its infancy, called Luk. Created by a band of Tinker Gnomes, Luk is a fully steam-tech society.

The continent of Yensi, which lies east of Altera across the dragon sea, has Five clans, or nations: The Lion clan of earth, Crane clan of air, Phoenix clan of fire, Crab clan of water, and the Dragon clan of life (the dragon clan is also the ruling clan at present). The five clans fought for the right to rule, and at the same time were fighting the endless war against the Shadowlands in the South. The Shadowlands is where the Dark Spire lies, which has a link to the plane of Shadows, or the lower planes, where the Abyss and the Nine Hells lie.

Then, there is the continent of Demor, which is to the south of Altera, beyond the black sea. Demor is a wasteland, very few things will grow there. It has vast tundras and harsh seasons, filled with hot summers and cold winters. Only one country is here, the country know as Keldor. Named after the warlord, who once tried to overthrow the gods. Little else is known about Demor.

Last, but not least, we have the mystical continent of Novos, also known as Rayfiymy in Draconic. It is where the the Dragons claimed that the capitol of their once great kingdom stood. It is also where the Ironclad say that the Great Forge, which created their race, lies. Other than the myths and lore, no one really knows much about it, let alone being able to find it, for it is constantly moving.

The World of Ember

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