Were created by the Divine know as Varda Er (Exalted One) he saw that humans were enslaved by the dragons and had mercy on them he created the Elves to be protectors and guardians for the humans in the Grate Dragon war over time they gained an under standing of the own they be came more than just guardians over humanity but over the whole of Ember protecting the sanctity of life and the cycle of it


Elves are very noble and love to help those in need if they can though some in resent years have be come more selfish even those have a noble air about them


Elves stand about 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 feet tall ans weigh 95-135 pounds they have fair skin and their hair ranger form silver to dark black they have blue, green, or silver eyes.


Most elves worship the Exalted One the father of creation and head of the There Divines

Racial Traits:


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