Welcome to Ember


The spark of creation… tempered by magic and the sword…Forged in dragons Blood…

Welcome my friends to the Ember Campaign Setting. A world with Steam punk action and Dark fantasy. Designed for the DUNGEONS & DRAGON 5th Ed game. I have created this campaign to employ numerous fantasy and sci-fi ideas. Concepts that I love and enjoy. Concepts like Magic-tec (technology that is strongly based in magic), weapons, cars, power armor, and meches that use magic as a main energy source. I hope the Information I provide In this wiki will aid you in creating a fun filled adventure that we all can enjoy. This is a full campaign guide. It has everything you will need to create, and play your characters, with in the world of Ember. If you have any questions, or comments please leave them in the comments tab. I will get read them weekly and address them. I want everyone to have fun and enjoy the game. See you at the table!

Red dragon


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